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Hi there, Don't feel like making this thread look pretty like my last rant. But recently I have seen a new flow of Congrats and GLWS posts come out and it really annoys me.
I understand that it shouldn't affect me in any way but it still does and here's why.

Reason #1: I've seen some fairly new members on TTG (not saying i'm an OG) and you can clearly see their trying to get that post count up. I'm okay with that since someone on the leaderboards can post 400 times in like two days. But if your gonna reply to something like a milestone please don't just post "Congrats " Atleast act like you care okay?

Reason #2: GLWS posts are extremely useless unless it's needed. Now let me give you an example.
If I started selling an Xbox account and I have no replies for an hour after posting it, A GLWS POST is needed. Only one of those is needed honestly. Now vouches are a different thing I have no issue with those due to the fact that it adds a form of trust around the seller. But please, I can't recall how many GLWS posts i've seen on the same topic. It gets a bit bland.

Now by making this Rant i'm not dissing the staff for not doing their job and finding the spam, Because face it. They have to deal with the leaderboards top posters first before they get down to noticing us plebs. But if you're gonna type "GLWS " on a topic, Don't. If you're going to post "Congrats " on a post, Atleast make some time to actually address the milestone.

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RedWood wrotehttps://www.thetechgame.com/Forums/t=7712082/glws-posts-should-be-considered-spam.html

I didn't use the search tool my mistake, But my post is a bit different than yours. Addresses two issues.
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I agree I do admit I've done that a couple of times my bad lol
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Its also same with the news section and posts like:

"So sad"
"What has the world come to"
"Wow how could this happen"
"Prayers to those people"

The amount of times people just post generic statements that dont actually link to the original topic is unreal. Thankfully a mod confirmed these are all classed as spam so hopefully the lack of effort posts will start to vanish from the forums

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I agree 100% with you on this man
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What does GLWS stand for? Thought it was called bumping?
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vJGv wroteWhat does GLWS stand for? Thought it was called bumping?

good luck with sales
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Vague and lazy responses will always be a thing. As RedWood has suggested, GLWS posts should be considered spam and reported as such for the staff (when they have the time) to remove them. Just another method of post count boosting.

About the "Congrats" posts, I mean... There's really not much a person can say when congratulating someone over a forum achievement. The most a person can say is "Congrats on your new milestone, see you at your next one!" and that could still be considered a response that shows they don't care much. At least I don't see that being a huge bother, the GLWS posts on EVERY sales topic are annoying; or "You've got a nice shop here, good luck with sales!" as if that actually changed it from being spam, lol.

The News forum replies are way worse, as BJP said. A person takes the time out of their day to write a detailed and informative news topic and it seems like some people don't even read the article and just write: "Wow, that's sad", "Wow, how is that possible?" or just write some other stupid shit. I've had to report quite a few people who write stupid posts like that under a serious article, especially when that article creates a discussion between users on TTG.
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When I firs started my PS3 Service (not anymore as I'm not wasting money on a dead community) but I had 2+ people saying "GLWS" which wasn't needed.
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