IntroductionYo. Not been on here in ages.Posted:

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Last time I came on this site was about 3 years ago. Probably a bit more, actually.

Good to be here again.

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Well welcome back man, hope life's been treating you good! Hope you stick around
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Welcome back hope to see you around a lot more an being active don't forget to drop by the shoutbox An say hi to everybody
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Welcome back man

Hope to see you around
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Welcome back man.

If it's been that long your probably new to the new layout (v5)

Anyways if you have any questions just PM me I'll try my best to help you navigate around. Maybe check up on the rules and ranks again because I'm certain a lot of them have changed.

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Welcome back dude,

rep for returning!
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Welcome Back!
See you around.
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Welcome back to TTG. I hope you've come back for good and I hope to see you around the community as well.
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Same man, I joined this site yesterday, I really enjoy this site.
Welcome back to this site. See you around the forums.
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Welcome back to the site!
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