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What did every one think of the new it film directed by Andrs Muschietti?
I'm curious as to what people thought. For me anyway i thought the movie was brilliant and the soundtrack was incredible. Bill skarsgard played a great pennywise aswell.

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I enjoyed the hell out of it. The dialogue between the kids was hilarious and believable to me, and the scares were fantastic. I agree on the soundtrack and am looking forward to chapter 2.
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Poor film as i expected Remake of a classic horror film, they always tend to be awful. I wonder what the legend Stephan king is thinking and it's a rated 15 in UK which makes it even worse
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I thought it was hilarious lol
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The original never really was all that scary, it was just creepy, and i felt like they maintained that so it was pretty decent. I watch so many horrors that i'm just very critical of them now.
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Good movie. Except, I really didn't expect Pennywise to..

bite off Georgie's arm lmao.

It was a good horror but I wouldn't get that scared compared to previous horrors I've watched, such as Halloween, Conjuring, etc.
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I loved the movie the kids made it funny but pennywise made it scary , the beginning was crazy where he bit the kids arm off
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I have still yet to see it, very excited despite the spoilers.
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IT was really good. I have seen a lot of (it was more of a comedy than a horror) which made it really good. It was pretty cool with scares and stuff and even funnier when the boys are just taking the piss out of eachother.
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I still haven't seen it yet, hopefully seeing it next week
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