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  • Winter 2017
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Hello everyone, I want to hear your thoughts on this no matter where you live. So I'm 18 years old and going to be turning 19 soon. I enjoy playing fantasy sports and throwing a few bucks down on games or players.

However, Massachusetts has recently banned 18, 19 and 20 year olds from online fantasy sports, sites like draft kings and such. Their reasoning was to "stop gambling habits" however, don't you all think that the older you get doesn't mean you're going to be responsible with your money? I mean come on, there are grown men that spend money on these sites every week and they have serious problems.

I'm looking for some reasoning on this, to me this is vialating my rights, how come I can go buy as many scratch tickets as I want, play powerball, go to the casino, give my life for my country, but yet I can't bet online on fantasy sports? Anyone help me understand this? Or what are your thoughts? Don't want any fighting on here, just respect everyone's opinion! Thanks guys.
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I support it, you said it yourself, grown men spend money on these sites all the time and they have a problem, and banning 18-20 year olds will hopefully make sure that they don't turn into that type of person.
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That's odd I thought mass. Was an 18 year old lottery state. Would of made more sense in like lousiana because I think you have to be 21 for lottery tickets there.
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Wow that's crazy don't make since tho
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Gambling as a whole is always going to be an issue, however this seems a little strange.

Stopping gambling from a younger age seems like a good plan, but assuming you'd have more money after leaving the teens so it doesn't exactly prevents habits as such.
Like you said throwing a few bucks down on a game, but there are others who stick hundreds on accumulators and such.
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