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Hello my fellow ttg'ers!

I think im back for good now as im just getting back into the xbox and ps4 again, so ill defo be on this more!
Have to buy a new xbox or ps4 tho, as my nutter ex (my previous thread months back) stabbed knives in my ps4, now ive lost all my stuff, cant even remember my hacked gta cod ect account for xbox, so starting all again next thursday lol, tell me what would u recommend Xbox one or Ps4? And words cant even explain how much ive missed the tech game, i remember i was 15 on here looking for jtagged lobbies see you around guys, dont hesitate to add me!

Thanks, extra

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Look around the modded forums for jtag lobbys

Welcome back to TheTechGame mate
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Welcome back to the site.

I would recommend whichever platform you have more friends on is which one I would get.

Personally I play Xbox.

Anyways hope to see you active within the community.

Message me if you have and questions or concerns.

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Welcome back to the forums!
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Welcome back dude.
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Welcome back hope to see you around don't be shy to she shoutbox
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Welcome man, you might as well just wait for the XboxOne X to be honest.

PS4 =
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I just ordered an xbox one s yesterday, its coming today
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Welcome back, Extraordinary! And grats on the Xbox One S.
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Welcome back to TTG!
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