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I came onto TTG to discover that I was given the Athlete badge by Elijah. It's definitely awesome, I grew up watching and playing sports pretty much my whole life. Not sure what else to add but I want to say thanks to everyone I talk to and staff for giving me this badge.

The Following 23 Users Say Thank You to Savitar For This Useful Post:

Mikey (09-13-2017), Decy (09-09-2017), Nathan (09-09-2017), Kyle (09-08-2017), Chris (09-08-2017), Skates (09-08-2017), Tricks (09-08-2017), prodigy (09-07-2017), Ryuk (09-07-2017), Nav (09-07-2017), Swift (09-07-2017), 1099796 (09-07-2017), Ethan (09-07-2017), Xbox (09-07-2017), Eli (09-07-2017), 00 (09-07-2017), Gavin- (09-07-2017), Brigand (09-07-2017), Craig (09-07-2017), Cory (09-07-2017), Fox (09-07-2017), maDz (09-07-2017), Luke (09-07-2017)
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Congrats man
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Congratulations man!

Tricks told me if he ever came across giving you a badge it would be this, nice to see you got it!
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Well deserved as you have posted a lot of sport topics in the past couple months to keep us informed.

Keep it up man
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Congrats on the badge
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Grats on the new badge
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Congratulations! We have seen you keeping
us up to date in a lot of different sports
for the past few months! Keep it up.

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That's cool I guess. GG
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Grats on the badge! I think you know your sports pretty good.
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