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HAHA me so funny

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Along side Mikey I have became the first person to achieve the All Time High badge and because of that bragging rights are well in order.
Wasn't really that hard to do just spent 24 hours a day refreshing the news articles looking for stuff to spam(selfie below)
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When I started out on this conquest there was no 'All Time High' badge and tbh just did it to look cool Will try and maintain it for aslong as I can though seeing as all that work can be taken away just like that (*COUGH COUGH* either let people keep the badge or an altered version to show they've had it.)

Thanks guys n see you at the next one

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IPv6 (09-13-2017), Mikey (09-13-2017), Xbox (09-07-2017), Kyle (09-07-2017), Decy (09-07-2017), Craig (09-07-2017)
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grats on the comment spam bro....

@Admins Can we get one for submission comments too pls? xoxox
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Your spam is weak, take this
Haha, congrats on spamming the site with aids.
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Grats on the badge!
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Congrats bro you deserve it
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The badge honestly doesn't look that bad congrats !
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ok gratz spammer..

luv u lots really
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Aye Congrats on the spam man
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Congratulations on the All Time Badge!
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