ConspiracyDo you think the world is ending?Posted:

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I'm gonna say this first.. in my opinion I don't believe in anything like this. Because I don't.. and the world has obviously... never ended before. But hey theirs a first for everything ;)

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No one know's when the world will end not even the angels will know...... Every time something like this happens they use the bible to justify when the end is coming, and to scare people.
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Nah just some bad weather
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No I don't believe so bro it's gonna happen
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I mean it's coming tot the ending but not in our lifetimes
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It's going to end just not now
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Been an on going occurrence off the world ending each year, never has.

It's just an unfortunate time and people are taking advantage and saying it's the end of the world when it's really not.

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No. The world's been ending since Y2K, 2012 and probably way before that. It's hurricane season, wildfires in California aren't that strange of an event, war and possible wars have always been here, etcetera.
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I wouldn't look too much into these things. Remember back on June 6th, 2006 how everyone thought Satan would rise or the Apocalypse would happen. Y2K was a thing. 2012 was supposed to be the year we all die. Some Twitter account that counts the days down in Hebrew that people are now associating with the end of the world or at least something is going to happen (I can't for the life of me remember the Twitter account, all I know is it has a picture of a skull and the language is written in Hebrew.)

What I'm getting at is there are coincidences and people who will abuse fear from those coincidences. Sure the Solar Eclipse happened, sure there is distress with nations (this one has always been a thing though, there probably is not a date where one nation does not have strife towards another,) sure the sea and waves came roaring in on Texas on that date; however, Harvey lasted August 25th through September 2nd instead of August 25th through August 26th. There are things that are also missed such as the wildfires in the Midwest that have claimed a million acres of land, Hurricane Irma and Jose are also not mentioned date wise. Plus, I don't think a Solar Eclipse would really be "a sign from the heavens," given over the years the earth has been here, there have been plenty of solar eclipses. Whether you believe in evolution or that people where made from a god, it goes without saying that people were "inept" to the idea of a solar eclipse long ago, they simply could have thought the light in the sky that was there was simply gone now when it shouldn't be or they thought it was the end of life.
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We'll never know until it happens.
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