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Anyone know when the next gamertag refresh might be?
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I wouldn't imagine soon. They did it, waited 5 years, then did it again. It's only been a year since.
Major Nelson would probably announce something and hasn't said anything about it, so I'm gonna say it's not any time soon.
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I don't think they'll be doing another one ever, due to the last one releasing all the rest of them, and they updated their policy, an account that's inactive for 5 years, their gamertag is reset on the account
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Like 'Mei' said.

If not signed into the account/tag will be reset automatically without them having to make a big announcement about it.

Maybe it happens who knows, maybe in another 5 years they will make the exact decision to release inactive tags.
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Half a decade you will be in there man

Until then either purchase one or get really lucky by finding one
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