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To join the club either it is for PS4, Steam, or XboxOne just post on this thread your Gamertag, and what platform you're on and I will add your TeeTeeGee name and your Gamertag to the member's list.

This is just a thread for players from all platforms to get together and play, with your friends on TheTechGame, or to make new friends. This is not a serious club, it's for fun, however, I would like members of the club to be active within this thread, I myself will be grinding Destiny 2 on a stupid ridiculous level, so would be great to find some members that are on my level. I will also be doing streams every day on Twitch, I have only just started out on Twitch so don't get too excited. All I ask is for everyone to get along with each other, no fighting or drama, but of course, have Banta. This is a club, I ask all members to feel free to post on this thread whenever you are online, and we can try a get a few party together, Iknow we won't all be able to be in the same game, but we could have more than one group. I myself will be playing this game 15+ hours a day, and a few hours on my work days. Keep in mind you guys can talk amongst yourselves to get a party together, you don't need me. I'm going to try my best to keep this thread alive, so I just ask you do the same and post frequently on the thread. You can also make conversations with each other on the thread, as it's a club.
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Well if i purchase the game or any time get it i will join you, Mikey.
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If i some how manage to get this game I'll be down for the Xbox group man

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If I ever get down to getting it I will for sure join Mikey
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Destiny 2 is going to be awesome, Il defo join the PS4 crew once i get to play a bit of it.
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Xbox - knn
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Ola fam

I don't have a clan not looking for one yet

Xbox One

GT: Melonsicle
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will be doing a 24 hour grind sech whos done need 2 people ?
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