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I'm sure not everybody knows about this but Hurricane Irma is a formed Category 4 hurricane in the Carribbean; slowly creeping its way towards my island, Puerto Rico, and going to continue its projected path along the Dominican Republic, Cuba and eventually, Florida in the continental U.S.

In this picture, you'll see Puerto Rico on the left and the Category 4 Irma slowly making its way towards us. It started off as a Category 2 with little effect on the islands in the Caribbean but over the past day, it has gone up to Category 4 with winds reaching up to 140 MPH and are projected to increase to 150 MPH.

This is the projected path it will take throughout the next 2-3 days; it is expected to start affecting Puerto Rico by 8 A.M. on Wednesday.

This is footage from a satellite of the massive hurricane making its way towards the Carribean islands.

I'll try to be keeping up with the news. We're already extremely prepared for the situation, local stores and huge stores like Walmart already completely emptied out and everybody's hunkered down. The electric power agency over here has estimated that some regions will be without electrical power for as little as a week and other regions will be without electric power for as much as 4-6 months; just another sign that the system over here is incredibly weak.

Here's an image of a man beginning to secure his house (roof is made of zinc) from the oncoming winds:

The last hurricane to ever hit Puerto Rico was Georges, the eye of the storm ran straight through the middle of the island causing incredible damage which was estimated to $2.1 billion. Georges was a Category 3, Irma is a Category 4 which continues to strengthen its winds with every passing hour.

In the Carribean, we're extremely small islands but I do hope you guys can keep us in your thoughts during this difficult situation. We're all hoping that the hurricane takes an extreme march towards the right and continues through the ocean and hits nobody; but the trayectories have all been extremely accurate and there's nothing else to do except expect a miracle.

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God damn that sounds and even looks scary. Hope you will be okay, it's a terrible thing.
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Jesus Christ what's with these hurricanes.

mf leave ppl alone
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Thank god I live on the west coast where I only have to deal with fires and the occasional earthquake. Stay safe out there!
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I may be right in the middle of this, but I sure as hell still find this funny
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Praying for the ones in the path of this storm.
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I may be right in the middle of this, but I sure as hell still find this funny

I think this storm is terrible but I just laughed my *** off
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pollynot wrotePraying for the ones in the path of this storm.

The legit first things im saving from my house, is my cats, my PC, JTAG, and Xbox One.

Theres no replacing those.


But I live in midwest FL, RIGHT BEHIND A LAKE.

I know its gonna flood, it has done it before with just rain.

But I really hope this hurricane can just go away.
We all Floridians should point our fans at the hurricane all at once when it comes!
RSVP now.
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I may be right in the middle of this, but I sure as hell still find this funny

amazing lolol
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Oh man this could be bad, hopefully it blows off course and doesn't hit anyone.
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