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Just signed up? Well this thread is mostly for you! Become a great member and make a name for yourself on TheTechGame

This thread is aimed at anyone on TheTechGame but will be helpful for new members that have just joined the community. I'm just going to tell you guys how I got started. I am a 5-year member, but only be active for 10 months, so I started with nothing. Within those 10 months, I have made many great friends, even play on Xbox with some, also I have gained some what alot of rep, from simply doing nice things for the community, and some of my threads are half decent, which members find useful. I have also achieved many badges, from simply being an active member. Anyway enough bragging about myself, the point I'm making is if you really want it you can get it.

Click the link below to watch a quick summary video on how to become a great member (I know im weirdo you dont have to tell me lol, keep in mind I been awake for 30 hours as well, so im tired)

Be Active
Best way to get known by other members is to post, high-quality topics and posts, I'm not saying every topic and post has to be outstanding but try to come up with topics that have not be done before. Be original be funny, don't be so serious, as we are all here to have some fun and have a great time. I would say about 90% members only read the topics and not post which is of course fine, but try leave some feed back on the members topic as they have spent the time to make it, why not tell them what you think about it. Or if you see a reply, and you want to say something about it, then reply yourself to the post. After all posting on topics is what makes the site active. Just remember to keep you're posts and reply's related to the to the post. You don't want to be posting posts such as ''Thanks, Grats, Ok, etc, one word posts and sort useless posts not related to the topic is spam, which is against the rules. I'm not saying you have to write a 100 words on every topic, try level it out, if something really interests you, you can talk more about the topic.

Reputation Guide

"Do Not Boost! it is agaist the rules"
Getting Reputation points is not easy and takes time, but you can do well if you follow my guide. So if you have just joined the community and looking to gain rep, the first and most important step is to be helpful around the forums and to be nice and friendly to all members. If you ever run into problems with other members you can always PM a staff member to deal with the situation rather than start a fight in the forums as I have seen before. Another great way is to engage in conversations in the forums, and maybe you can become friends with that member, and start off to have a wonderful relationship. Remember the more active you are and the more helpful around the forums you are, more chance of gaining respect from other members, and then you may start seeing yourself gaining some rep. Another way to earn rep is by hosting giveaways, but remember don't just host the giveaway to get rep, host the giveaway because you want to do something nice for the community. I have seen people in the past me included, that people would say in their giveaway topic, "Rep and thanks are apricated but not necessary" this is fine because you're not asking for rep, but it's best to just leave that out, as people will rep and thanks you anyway, and it shows that you're not doing the giveaway just for the rep. Another great way to get rep is being active in the shoutbox, as staff sometimes will do little games, (example "first 5 people to @ me gets rep" or staff will do a little contest, so be sure to check out the shoutbox by clicking this link Members_Shout.html but remember don't literally go in there expecting to get rep, I'm just saying be nice engage in conversations and make some friends and the rep may come to you within time. I myself play games in the shoutbox alot, and will gift gold to people who are active in the shoutbox, and when I gift someone I will more than likely rep you for winning the game. Also being active in the Shoutbox you can get +200 rep for the rep fairy. So in a nut shell just be an active member, be helpful around the forums, help other members out, do something nice for the community and rep will come your way, just remember this is a slow process so just be patient.

Achievements, Badges Guide

How do you earn badges? The simple answer is to be an active member, some badges are easy to get and some are hard to get but all badge is possible apart from a few. If you have just joined TheTechGame and want badges quickly just like I did when I first started out, there are a few badges you can actually buy. You have Gold Gifter badge where you can gift 25 member gold membership, and you with automatically received the badge, keep in mind this will cost around $150. Obtaining this badge shows that you have supported the site, and have helped out other members, that may not be able to afford gold, so it's a great badge to get, and will get your name some what out there. The other badge you can buy is Supporter, where you have to buy a T-shirt from the store which can be found here Store.html after you have bought the T-shirt you will receive the badge shortly after, obtaining this badge also shows that you have supported the site which is great. The other badge is Vantage, where you can get this badge by donating to the Vantage Team found here [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] this badge also shows that you have supported such a great tool that is exclusive to TheTechGame, so it is a great badge to have. Another badge you can get some what easy to get, are Video King, Tutorial King, Video King, You can achieve these badges by submitting new content, these badge's are given automatically, so its up to you how fast you want the badge. Please keep in mind the staff team have to check the content before hand to make sure it follows the guidelines which can be found at the top of the page that your submitting. Another cool badge is of course one of my favorite's ShoutBox Hero, which you have to get the rep fairy 25 times while being active in the shoutbox. Other special badge's such as Ninja, Wizard, are alot harder to get, as you need to be active of the time a contest thread is made, so be sure to look out for them, they are pretty rare to come by though. For more information about how you can achive badge's Click Here

If you have just signed up on TheTechGame be sure to read the rules before you start becoming a great member. Click Here To Read The Rules
Remember if you show respect and be nice to other members, then they will be nice and respect you back.
Thanks for taking your time to read my thread hope you found it some what useful.

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Banger thanks for the help Mikey
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Instructions weren't clear enough, got my arm stuck in a toaster.

I know, original.
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This is a great topic should be a sticky man!

This will help out loads of new members here on TTG!

Thanks for this
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Great post Mikey. Nice to see you even put a video explaining for those that don't feel like reading the post!

I like your moves.
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Good looks Mikey, you've put a lot of time and effort into the site and this thread, I'm sure it will help a few fishes. Did you ever get that HDMI port on your Xbox One console fixed??
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tl;dr don't be this guy
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Can we have a section on how to approach weebs. Because that seems to be the hardest thing about ttg atm.
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This is a great guide! Ty for being awesome.
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