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Over the years we've seen some amazing cards, 214, 205, 87 and many many others.
A good card isn't hard to find, as there is usually those few fights everyone is excited for. But 217 is looking like it may be one of the most amazing cards there has ever been.
Let's see why.

First off, the card itself:
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The card consists of some very anticipated fights, lets begin with Thompson v Masvidal.

Masvidal are undoubtedly among the most impressive martial artists in the Welterweight division.
Both of them have had some truly brilliant fights, Thompson v Woodley 1&2 were equally as exciting as the other. Both fights going the distance and Tyron walking away the victor, controversially so.
And Mazvidal's bout with Maia was surely a good fight also resulting in a controversial decision.

Moving onto the two most anticipated fights of the card,

Garbrandt vs Dillashaw.

These two have been beefing it out in TUF for weeks and weeks, they have been at each others throats, literally the entire duration. After Dillashaw snaked Garbrandt the tensions have been high and the two cannot wait to battle it out in the octagon.

Bisping vs St-Pierre.

Rush has had a considerable amount of time away from the UFC but he is making a big comeback and taking on the British bulldog, Michael Bisping. Both have had really good careers and are very talented fighters. Although this is a step up from welterweight division for St-Pierre so it may prove to be a challenge. As it is a title fight, both fighters will be giving it all to prove who his the Middleweight champion of the UFC.

So, who's your money on?

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Been watching TUF with TJ and Cody and the hatred is real. Can not wait.

Also St Pierre, be great to see him fight again.
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i hope tj smacks the temper out of cody honestly, and gsp is gonna dismantle bisping the disrespectful sobbbbbbbbbbb
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I'd put money on st Pierre
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I only care about UFC because of St Pierre (cuz I'm Canadian). That's my answer.
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Should be some pretty good fights that could go either way. I'm going with Bisping, Garbrandt, and Thompson.
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I'm excited for garbrandt, I'm a big fan of his, hopefully he can pull thru with the victory.
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Even though GSP has been away, I got a feeling hes gonna get the victory against Bisping.
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There's some decent fights in there. Only started getting into MMA about a year and a half ago so it's gonna be cool seeing GSP fight.
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