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It is literally just Hentai...

Edit: I cleared the hentai, I dont need people perving on my lewd 2D girls.

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96 Days of my life waisted watching anime
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Haven't updated this in a long time but for the most part it's all there.
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Not much of a list as I've only just started getting into Anime but you can check it out if you like, and if you think a good Anime is missing from my list, let me know, that would be hella great. Really enjoying MAL alot think it's awesome you can keep track on what you have watched, kinda fun too. Going to try to keep it up to date much as possible.

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Really need to watch a lot of my planned to watch but it just keeps increasing. xD
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I keep mine pretty well updated, but that PTW list is just getting longer by the day.
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I have 69 completed series but some aren't updated so I need to update them when I get the chance to, I have around 73 actual completed animes.
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