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Click here to visit MyAnimeList

MyAnimeList is the world's largest anime and manga database that allows you to keep track of and display what you have, plan to and are currently reading and watching in the form of a list. You are also able to score the shows with 1-10 rating and compare these with friends as well as the MAL community. If you have watched a fair amount, or want to start documenting your journey through the wonderful world of anime and manga, then it is a must use, and with the ability to customize every part of your list design through CCS, you can make yours entirely unique.

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MAL Graph Anime + is an extension to MyAnimeList to provide analytical statistics for your anime and manga habits. Including the standard summary stats found on MyAnimeList, the site also provides:

  • Vast rating distribution graphs
  • Complete history of your activity in the form of a graph over the past 3 weeks as well as an interactive calendar (This requires having set start and end dates to your list entries on the MyAnimeList site)
  • Favourites charts for year of release, type (Movie, OVA, TV, Special ect), genre and studio
  • Recommendations based on what you have watched
  • Missing titles which displays anything you have not added to your MAL List that is related to a series you have watched
  • A range of fun achievements

Go ahead and show us some of your statistics!

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I think I need to update mine a bit. Also been awhile since I've changed my mal background.
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Haven't updated it in a while as i usually watch shows in a couple of sittings and don't bother to update the list.
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Haven't updated this in ages but I might as well share my great taste with everyone else
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i keep mine very well updated
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Only made it awhile ago, still need to add a bunch more.
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I think I have completed like 20 series since I last updated it, but I will have to update it soon!
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