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Say hello to my (new to me) Mercedes CLA 250

Bought it from where I work. got a great deal and great financing on it. this thing is sweet and im taking it to the beach this weekend!

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Sexy ass car
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Nice ride you got man.

Looks fly af.
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Das clean as **** nice pick up bro.
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The CLA is one of my favourite Merc's im not gonna lie.

looks nice but, correct colour too!
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Very nice. I ride motorbikes but i can appreciate a nice car
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Nice car man, Want to get a Audi or Mercedes when it time to trade my car in. Only have 6 grand left to pay on it lol.
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I am in love with Mercs, Absolute sexy car.
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Looks sexy make sure you keep it clean buddy!
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Congrats on the new car, looks good!
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