Who will win the fight?

35.56% (32 votes)
35.56% (32 votes)
28.89% (26 votes)

Total Votes: 90

GeneralA war has started who will winPosted:

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The race has started two horses lead the field who are you backing?

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I am going to go for Mikey
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I'ma put them both out the water.

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Craig. I remember talking to him when he got top 5. When he want's something, he'll let nothing get in his way.

Damn spammers
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Let's go Mikey
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Think it's gonna be a tough one have to say mikey
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You had to go and ruin my September. Thanks...

Now I gotta see if my spam game is still up to scratch.

Pls no ban
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My money is on cent.
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I will win because Craig said his already getting bored of spamming lol, and I never do so theres that plus I doubt his online more hours than me

Bring it on you MASSIVE spammer
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Craig wroteYou had to go and ruin my September. Thanks...

Now I gotta see if my spam game is still up to scratch.

Pls no ban

Let's "ruin" it some more. Win against Mikey, I'll drop you 5 gifts of gold at the end of the month lmfao
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