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Finally back gonna try my best to help out the community! Wish everyone a great day/night.
Enjoy yourselves and stay safe my TTG members. You will be seeing me around here a lot esspecially if you got the xbox one.

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Xbox (09-13-2017), Mikey (09-13-2017), k3rry (08-24-2017), Kyle (08-24-2017), 00 (08-24-2017), Vera (08-24-2017), Decy (08-24-2017)
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Welcome back fam, i just recently returned as well!
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Hope to never see you leave again. This site is worth staying on.
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Welcome back to TTG man.
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Thank you all i will deff stay in touch with the forum now!
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  • Winter 2017
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Welcome back hope to see you around
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  • Christmas!
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Glad to see that ppl are coming back. I hope you enjoy it this time more than the last.
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Welcome back to TeeTeeGee
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Whalecum back!
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Welcome back to TTG!
See you around the forums.
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