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Hello TTG. As some of you may know, i used to race pro motocross and was going to race supercross in 2015 but had a very bad year with alot of crashes breaking both shoulders, collapsed lung broken ribs and a very bad concussions. Motocross used to be my whole life and thats all i knew/did was ride. Living at my trainers house was a awesome/hard experience as we had a very strict schedule of working out/riding. I would just like to share some pics from my journey of racing motocross. Hope you all enjoy and if any of you have any questions feel free to ask
Crash Aftermath. This is my motor cracked from another bike....
My Beautiful bike
My First Race EVER. Seriously Surprised i still have these pictures.
Me and the Boys at the AMA Ceremony

More Pics Down Bellow (sorry for so many pics) LOL

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More Pics

viewer discretion is advised
Pics of some of my crashes

Crash when i broke my first shoulder.
Nasty pics of the pins they put in my shoulders.
Huge bump from one of my crashes on my arm
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Insane bro, always wanted to be a rider but not much round by my area so most people i grew up with road them illegally
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That is truly awesome man. I've always wanted to get into motercross/dirt biking but I have never had anything close to me . I've got a mini moto (pocket bike) I've had it since I was like 10 years old lol and it was fun at the time but now it's fair to say I'm a bit big lol, I might try look into getting a dirt bike as it's something I've always liked to do and it just looks really fun lol. Anyway great pics man, looks real fun, also sorry to hear about your crash
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this is so heart warming to see someone enjoy something so much and have so much joy talking about it.

it's truly amazing what you and another can do on a dirt bike, incredible.

i used to ride when i was younger and absolutely loved it. but as i got older i wasnt allowed to as it was too dangerous and too much of a possibility to hurt myself (as im a hockey player).

i miss those simpler days just riding all day long.

thanks for sharing these. i enjoyed looking through them
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Thanks for sharing these great photos with us.

I've always been a big fan of atvs/dirt bikes anything off road related since I was a kid growing up riding them and go carts and mini bikes.

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My favorite sport ever!
Saw it on TV when I was 5 and instantly got hooked!
It was all I wanted but my parents didn't think it was a good idea so they never helped me starting.
At 16 years old I got a summer job and saved enough to get a used yz 85 and man I was happy.
I'm 18 now and I'm working hard to get a yz 125, I know i'll never make it to the pros though since I started really late so I just do it as a hobby...
Thank you for sharing these photos, they put a smile on my face
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Good stuff man.

You seem very passionate about it.
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Sundown wroteGood stuff man.

You seem very passionate about it.

I used to be very passionate about it. But now that ive grown up im more passionate about my career But thanks man! I will always love motocross
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Some of the pics are great! wouldn't think twice about framing some of them and the injury pics are crazy too, keep doing what you're doing mate! Great post!
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