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If you could have any username on TTG what would it be. You can say I like my name I have the now or choose a name you would love to have.

I'm going to start it of by saying I really like the name that I have the now as it looks pretty cool!

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Mooneye (12-28-2017)
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I bought mine xD
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I like the one I have atm
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Probably just Mick or Mike.
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Either Dec or Declan although i would have to see what @Dec would want aswell.
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At the moment I like mine don't really know what I would changed it to if I did change it
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I'm really liking 'Lily' right now and the only other name I'd actually want is my real name.
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I'd stick to this or is have Xiggy back again.
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I'd love Risk nice and simple
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