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Good night.

I bought my RGH in 2013, this year I decided to put it online with the server of xbOnline, and when starting 3 games I have difficulties to play them like COD: AW, BO2 and BO3.

The following problems with BO2 and BO3 are constant so far I could not play any, because when I run default_mp.xex (online mode) and open it asks DLC (nuketown 2025: for BO2) and (Compatibility Pack 1 and 2: for BO3 ), When downloading and clicking XBOX LIVE to proceed with the online game, it shows me the same message asking to resume the download, I am 2 weeks trying to solve and nothing, using the XM360 unlocked the DLC's but I did not have a result some.

Error COD: AW Online.

When starting AW and clicking on XBOX LIVE for ONLINE match, comes the following message FATAL CRASH INTERCEPTED, I have already downloaded the required TUs and the DLC's and unlocked it with XM360.

So far I have had no help from anyone, if anyone can help me, I will be grateful.

Thank you very much.
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