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What's up guys?
I've been watching old series of movies and I came across American Pie after years and years of not watching it.
I'm currently on American Pie 2, the second movie of all 8 films.

What's your thoughts on the movies? Which is your favorite?
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That show gives me the creeps.
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Shegan wroteThat show gives me the creeps.

Hahaha why?
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Probably the 2nd, maybe even the first. Can't decide!
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I mean, they're ok. Not considered good to me because I have a high taste in movies. 2nd one was probably the best but there is hardly 8 films, I believe 4 or so are completely irrelevant to the first 3 and it's a completely different cast.
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I literally have the collection pack lol. Love these movies my personal favorite is the first one. Classic!
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I love those films, they're funny which is good.
My favourite would probably have to be the Naked Mile.
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when the cast changed I feel like it lost everything that was enjoyable about the movies.

The cast changes were ok but it was much better without, Although they obviously couldn't be in college forever which was the whole point I guess
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I've seen them all. I didn't really like the newest one though was not enough inappropriate stuff in it for me. Band camp was pretty funny though.
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