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I want to start modding on Xbox 360, mainly for personal gain and fun with friends.

Mainly I would like some advice on which console to buy, I want to mod call of duty, mw2/mw3 to be exact. Mods such as explosive bullets, fast last, slow mo, super steady aim and other trickshot mods like the mac mod and things like that. It's only for fun and to have a laugh with friends.

So again, can anyone give me any advice on which console to buy and then where I would go from there for mod menus and how to install/use them etc.

Pretty much I have no idea what I'm doing and would like as much help/advice as possible.
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If you're only looking to mod for fun, remember that you'd still need to pay for KVs and a stealth server (unless you use xbOnline which is temporarily free).

You could buy the cheapest RGH out there (the Falcon) but you'd still need to find the power brick, the HDMI, the remotes, and the games as well (unless you use an ISO extracted version of the games).

I'd recommend looking at "Modded Warfare" on YouTube, to get yourself acquainted with what you'd need to know to set up your RGH and how to use it, etcetera.
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