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Ok, so I haven't really played CoD since mw2 which was really the last one I liked. But I know in the new(er) ones there are supply drops. I was just wondering if these supply drops are cosmetic only or if you get guns with like, special stats or something. Just wondering because the new CoD has supply drops and it will likely be the same as they did in the past. If they aren't cosmetic only i won't bother looking at any new CoD trailer or anything.
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theres both cosmetics and guns. supply drops will never be cosmetics only.
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You can get both cosmetic things and weapons in supply drops on all games that have them. Haven't played IW in a while so don't know how things are with supply drops on that game, but on MWR there are some OP guns in the supply drops. If I remember correctly, they said WWII supply drops would only contain cosmetic things AT LAUNCH. So although it doesn't mean there will be weapons in supply drops for sure, it does mean that there is a big chance of weapons making a return in supply drops sometime down the road after the game is released.
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Let be break some of these things down that are in the supply drops from the ones ive played.

Advanced warfare, One of the worst supply drop games out there, riddled with high stat guns that they haven't balanced since the games release, some being the Bal-Inferno,Asm1 Speakeasy
And the cosmetics, you get parts of a whole outfit, and to finish said outfit you need, Boots,Helmet,kneepads,chest,pants,exo. Which if your going for a single outfit it can cost roughly 40-80$ at the minimum.

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Bo3, lots of supply drop guns, they have their pros and cons, pros being they are super inaccurate, or they just downright get outclassed by one of the default weapons.

For example the MX Garand(ww2 semi auto rifle) has to use an entire clip before you can reload. when you can use the Shevia, which has more ammo in a clip, slightly slower fire rate, and you can reload at any time.

Nothing too game breaking, just some cringy endgame dabbing, whipping and nae nae'ing.
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