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1. The art of anime wouldn't exist if it weren't for Disney
Of course today styles of anime are limitless but one thing we know for sure is that all of it traces back to one man. His name is Osamu Tezuka and it's no secret that he created the anime style and influenced essentially everyone after him for generations. As Osamu has influenced many, he too had an influence of his own.

2. Space Brothers features the first ever voice acting recorded in outer space.
Space Brothers is an interesting anime about two boys who dream big about becoming astronauts. Anime tends to be fantasy focused but Space Brothers is unique for it's focus on realistic content. In fact, if you're a space buff, there's a lot in this anime for you to enjoy. Even then, one of the coolest things about this anime is that in Episode 31 it features the first ever voice recording from outer space.

3.The longest ever running anime has over 7400 episodes!
That honor would go to Manga Nippon Mukashibanashi with over 1400 episodes that clock in at 25 minutes each.

4. Anime uses product placement.
Most of us enjoying anime over in America find ourselves recognizing a lot of knock-offs in media and anime is no exception BUT they do have their own fair share of product placements we'd recognize. Of course, it's not hard to understand why companies would join forces with anime to get their name out there to as many people as possible. Anime is a phenomenal format for reaching millions of viewers.
Some examples of product placement include Evangelion Rebulid, who has a small list of examples including Doritos.

5.Studio Ghibli got its name from an airplane.
Hayao Miyazaki is known for his love of airplanes so it really should come as no surprise that he named his company after one. In general, it may not be obvious to most people but if you're a World War 2 buff you might recognize it as the Caproni Ca.309, which was an Italian WWII-era scouting aircraft nicknamed Ghibli.

6. The name Gundam is a blend of two words..
Gundam was originally "Gundom" and combined the words "Gun" and "Freedom." Creator Yoshiyuki Tomino eventually changed it from the "dom" at the end to the "dam" at the end with the purpose of evoking the idea of the robots being used like a dam to hold back enemies

7.The unusual inspiration behind the Titans in Attack on Titan?
Some random drunk dude.

8.This ONE anime character has 22 voice actors
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9.Anime has been around way longer than most people realize.
The early 1900's to be exact.

10. The average Japanese animator earns below minimum wage!
Often likened to slave labor, it's become no secret just how bad it is. In fact, in one animators reddit AMA, most animators take breaks merely to vomit from shear exhaustion or worse, to go to the hospital.

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