MilestoneHello, my name is Lily and I'm a TTG Addict.Posted:

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I'm sitting here on this chair, contemplating my life as I realize now that I'm a TTG Addict after coming back to the site 4 months ago and starting off with 6 posts. I can't be asked to make a thanks list but I would like to say that Xbox is definitely a gaylord; thanks to the Staff for keeping this site up and running.

My next goals are 400 rep (which I'm extremely close to, TAKE. THE. HINT.) and 5,000 posts for that new 5K Undisputed badge.
I've had multiple names, for those who just don't know who the hell I am. Hi, Ancestor, Library, Mellowed, Inn, etcetera etcetera.

Here's a very silly GIF:

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Congratulations Lily.
You're one of the most active TTG users I see around the Forums, and one of many that don't just post for the count.

Keep doing you!
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Congrats on 2.5k posts Lily.

Loke would be proud
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Addictions are bad seek help at

i pray for you lily
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Congrats on 2,500 posts Lily.

Thanks for the shoutout.

See you at 400 rep.

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Congrats Ancestor! Crazy how many posts you've achieved already! Keep up the great work.
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Congratulations on 2,500 posts!
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Grats man, see you at yoyr next milestone.
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Congrats Lily see you at your next milestone
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Grats on becoming an addict.

Don't think i ever said that before ngl..
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