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It soon might be even more difficult to find a Nintendo Switch in stores, if a recently filed lawsuit has its way.

According to the lawsuit, which was filed by Wikipad-maker Gamevice, the Nintendo Switchs technology violated a preexisting patent for a tablet-based console.

The lawsuit is not only asking for damages to be paid but calling for a full-on ban of Switch sales.

Gamevice is a console and accessory maker who designed, in addition its poorly named, Android-based Wikipad, detachable controllers for the iPad Mini. And if you look at the console and the companys detachable controllers, both do share an awfully strong resemblance with the Switch.

The main difference between the Switch and the Wikipad is that the Switchs docking station and its ability to operate as a TV console, while the Wikipad only works as a tablet console.

To be fair, Nintendo had been working on tablet-based technology since 2012: The prototype for its Wii U tablet was basically two Wii remotes glued to the side of a tablet. Nintendo was experimenting with this technology around the same time that the Wikipad was announced.

Does Gamevice actually have a case here? And if it does, is it willing to become the most hated console-maker of all time? If the Switch is taken off store shelves before Super Mario Odyssey comes out, Nintendo fans will not be happy campers.

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Holly shit, im going to have to hurry up and buy my Switch then lol, and to be honest the switch looks 100 times better than that other console lol, i aint even seen it before.
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