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What first seemed impossible has finally come true. Overwatch is getting deathmatch modes added to its multiplayer.

In the latest developer update video, game director Jeff Kaplan revealed that two deathmatch variants are coming to the games Arcade environment. Kaplan explains that, while these modes did not fit into the games original objective-centric format, developer Blizzard now has more room to experiment, thanks to the flexibility of the Arcade.

The two deathmatch variants coming to the game are Free-For-All and Team Deathmatch. Free-For-All will have every player fighting for themselves, trying to be the first to 20 kills. No heroes are currently disabled for the mode, but this could change if any characters unbalance the experience. Team Deathmatch will have players fight it out on two teams of six, shooting for a total of 30 kills between them. Mercy gets a notable adjustment when used in this mode. Her Resurrect ultimate ability decreases the enemy teams score, in addition to reviving her friends, making her one of the most strategic heroes in the mode.

As the standard maps of Overwatch would not effectively accommodate deathmatch-style modes, select maps will be modified for use in the modes. In addition to redesigning old maps, Blizzard is introducing the new Chateau Guillard mapthemed around defense character Widowmakerspecifically for Free-For-All. Not all modified maps will be shared across both Deathmatch modes. Chateau Guillard is an example of a map exclusive to Free-For-All, but Team Deathmatch will see more of the 1v1 arena maps in its spread.

Given that the mode is located within the Arcade, players may be wondering how their success in Free-For-All will count toward their victories and consequent loot box rewards. Luckily, youll need only to land in the top half of players in a match to have it count as a win toward their weekly loot boxes.

Overwatchs new deathmatch modes are currently playable on the games public test region, but a full release has yet to be detailed. In other Overwatch news, the games Summer Games event is now live, offering a selection of new outfits and the return of Lcioball.

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Anhur (08-12-2017)
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These modes look pretty awesome, thanks for the update.
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2 Great modes to add, Deathmatch is a favourite of mine, going to jump on some Overwatch now, enjoying it alot lately.
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