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So when I'm super hungry I like to watch certain YouTubers so that I'm even more hungry and end up eating a giant feast all to myself.

Now since i'm in the gym a lot and trying to alter my physical appearance I don't get to indulge as much.
Currently on a carb cycle which isn't too bad but everyone craves a big greasy burger right.

My favourite dudes to watch eat are either Furious Pete, The Hodge Twins or the megatoad himself,
Matt Stonie

For a skinny dude he sure can eat, he demolishes any challenge set to him.

Anyway so my question is, have you ever attempted a restaurant, or food van or whatevers eating challenge?
I myself have only done one, which was called the [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] .
The El Triple was a quite a good challenge for me but sadly I failed, only making it through my second burrito and not being able to start the third.

So, what challenges have you done or seen, and how did you do?
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I once had 5 Weetabix at once
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I once ate a whole packs of Jaffa Cakes in one sitting...
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I tried the buffalo wild wings hot wing challenge before I do not recommend
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Once I ate an entire tub of vanilla icecream

that was rough on the gut
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The one time I eaten a bowl of cereal, two slices of toast, a yogurt and a drink les than 30 minute was so hungry. A man gotta eat ya know?
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Not sure if this counts...I went to a concert with my friend he had 7 blue ribon, 3 whiskey on the rocks, 2 straight whiskey, 1 shot of tequila and he also brought a flask of wild turkey. I had 1 beer and 1 shot of fireball.
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These challenges are my favorite, given I'm in love with food.
I've done plenty of challenges, and surprisingly including the Burrito one!

I'd say my hardest, rather not healthy challenge, would be the 20,000 calorie challenge. Where I could eat anything and everything in under 24 hours but all had to add up to 20,000 calories. Let's just day the next morning didn't end well for me... but the aspect of it was fun. Still, wouldn't recommend.

Given so, since you're hitting the gym I would suggest this challenge given it's a rather healthy but still a difficult one.

Good luck!

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you could try the takis fuego challenge
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I ate a whole box of Kraves, 5 packets of crisps and carrots sticks. Within the hour...
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