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Hey guys I got the Video King badge now, images/chat/smiles/pogchamp.png

Thanks List

Staff for accepting my 3% anime videos
Potion - love you.
Xbox - Your spam game is weak
Jay - I'm #1 top monthly gifts and what?

(Proper thanks list @10K posts - not long now!)

Thank you TTG!

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Congrats dude! May more badges found there way to your account
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Good stuff man. Well deserved.

Still the best sig on TTG if you ask me.
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Congrats on Video King, dah. That was a very nice mini-montage you included. I'm sure you'll be at 10K posts in no time.
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Congrats dude!
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Congrats on Video King dah.

Thanks for the shoutout and I will say it has been pretty weak

Hope to see you at 10k soon.

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Grats on the new sexy vid badge
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congrats. i have none!
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Congrats on Video King

You dont deserve it

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Congrats on the new badge!
See you at your next milestone dah!.
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