GeneralWhat do you find the most relaxing?Posted:

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If your tense or just uncomfortable what's your favorite thing to do? I love taking a warm bath. Feels so good lol
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I love taking a relaxing drive with some loud music. I usually go around driving when I begin to overthink things in life which stress me out.
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having a **** . just had to put it out there
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watch ASMR
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Listening to music or what Bants said hhahahaha
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Playing minecraft, it's so peaceful. Just put a few torches down and let your mind go free.
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Stressing wrotewatch ASMR


asmr is underrated

or listening to music or miscellaneous
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Load up some triple X content... lol.

Seriously, I either play some video games or load up something on Netflix that will make me laugh.
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Late night driving while listening to music.

And uh..
talking to my girl is pretty relaxing
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Music became my life. But at late nights like right now when I'm depressed, I drive into town, blare some music, and just find myself.
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