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As you can tell from the title, My rgh has a problem??
I am attempting to go online but my Console asks for a system update, but when i go to check the dash its on the latest dash?

Do i do the update? Like whats happened? And how do i fix it?



I done the update and now trying to create a profile to go online, but once it starts loading at the end, i get an error message??

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Are the avatars greyed out when you look at them? If they are, you're safe to update.
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that would be an avatar update just update you will be fine
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They are grey because i didn't create an avatar fro those profiles?
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Don't create the account on your console. Create the account on the Xbox website and download it on your console.
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Are you using Ethernet? If not I would definitely recommend it, things seem to work better with a faster connection. I had a problem with making profiles and it turned out it was down to connection problems. Also everything just runs a lot smoother with Ethernet
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