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My ultimate sesh was going out on the Friday night to a nightclub, not returning back to my friends house until 4am. Saturday morning comes i drive home shower changed etc.1 pm, back to my mates started drinking again and ended up going back to a different nightclub that night After the club was over i couldn't find my mates and was stranded in a town i had no clue about until 3pm that day. Finally getting home i was sick and missed 1 and a half week of college due to it

I'm sure there is better ones than that out there, share it with us!
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Is it even a sesh if you're not out on a weekend bender fueled by nothing other than alcohol and narcotics ??
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Echo wroteIs it even a sesh if you're not out on a weekend bender fueled by nothing other than alcohol and narcotics ??


Back when i was in my mid teens i took 2 weeks off school by convincing my mum that i was getting bullied and dropped 100 hours into Skyrim.

Sick sesh.
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probably nothing to brag about but one that stuck with me was spending a week long binge locked in my house on certain hardcore extra curricular activites. that was old me though the only sesh i have now consists of studying for school lol.
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You went to one club on a night out? Mix it up fam
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gettin drunk by my solo dolo and playing zelda
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Don't really sesh much I don't really drink so meh xD
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