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I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.
I'm Reggie. I got here because I am a gamer (amateur) and I like talking about any topic around gaming
Hope to meet some people who want to exchange thoughts

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Welcome to the site!

Check out the ShoutBox -

Also, read the site rules -

Hope to see you around the forums and in the ShoutBox
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Welcome to the site Robo, Join us in Shoutbox someday and hopefully we see you around!
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helloooo. welcome to the site bro
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Welcome to this site Reggie!
Stay active as a member and see you around the forums.
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Welcome, what games do you enjoy playing?
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Welcome to the site, what console do you play on? Or are you a pc gamer?
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Welcome to the site. I hope to see you around the site, being an active member.

Remember to swing by the Shoutbox.
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Welcome to the site man, hope to see you stay active.
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heyyy have some rep
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