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  • E3 2017
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Destiny 2 is expanding its third-party branding deals past Pop Tarts and Rockstar Energy Drinks to a region-exclusive company. Word has leaked ahead of an official announcement that players in the United Kingdom will receive a special sparrow vehicleas long as theyre a customer of Virgin Fibre.

According to the leak from YouTuber MoreConsole, seen below, gamers that subscribe to the broadband and mobile service will receive the Athena Victorious sparrow, which of course, is rocking the same red and white colors of the subsidiary Virgin Media brand supplying it. The video details a code will be provided to qualifying customers to redeem between the games console launch, September 6th, and December 13th, 2017, on Virgin Medias website.

he vehicle is described as a single passenger all-terrain thrust bike with one purpose: moving from object to object with unmatched speed. While the quick, quiet, and simple bike sounds intriguing, its unclear if it will ever be available to players outside of the U.K. or subscribed to the Virgin Media service.

As the Rockstar Energy Drinks deal began as a leak, with Bungie and Activision officially announcing it alongside their partnership with Pop Tarts to bring exclusive DLC to customers, its likely well get more details on the sparrow once the official announcement is made. We do know the new sugary partnerships will include daily and weekly sweepstake prizes through codes found on the products, XP boosts, collectible class-based packs, and even the possibility to win a Destiny 2-themed motorcycle.

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