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finally reached the 100 rep or as imma call it 1 "banana" block. have lots of people to thank however dont want to miss anyone out so i wont post thanks :p just hit this along with 500 hunna posts yesterday boyyys lets goo SKRR SKRR

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congratulations man hope I get there soon
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Congrats bro on the banana block!
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banana block...smh Someone neg him for that
Grats on your CHEESEBLOCK
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Congrats on your 1st CHEESEBLOCK i hope to be there within this week

EDIT : Also gunna ignore the fact that this is on Introduction instead of Milestone

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Congrats on 100 rep!
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congratulations on 100 rep
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Congrats on your first cheese block, Bants. The first hundred seems eternal but after that, you won't even notice. See you at 200 rep.
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congrats on cheese block lmao. hoping to get there soon lol
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congrats on 100! I'm hoping to get there by the end of the summer
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