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So yeah, this will be my 500th post which is pretty lit.
I've been pretty much absent for the better part of the 3 year tenure I have, which was very dumb of me.
But now I am back and am loving the site more than ever.

Couple mentions:

Stressing - Great dude, had some good times on BO2 and in the shoutbox.
JasperType2 - Also a great dude that has helped me out. (I'd gift you gold if I had the spare dosh ma dude)

Now on to 50 rep and 1K Rainmaker!


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k3rry (08-12-2017), Xbox (08-11-2017), Mickers (08-11-2017), Nik (08-11-2017), Mikey (08-10-2017), Lily (08-10-2017), Wizard (08-10-2017), KingTaco (08-10-2017)
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no im the wise one

congrats tho
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Congrats on 500 dude no doubt you will achieve the other!
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aww thanks love <3 congrats on 5hunnid
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Congrats on 500, here have some rep
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Congrats on the 500 posts, Danjer. You'll be at 800 and then that sweet 1K Rainmaker badge in no time.
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Big grats on 500 posts man, keep it up
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Currently on my way to 500 congratulations man
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Well done - lets see you reach 50 rep.
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