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Go ahead, post the best one-liner you have heard, read, smelled, tasted or invented yourself.

I'll give a lil rep if you make me chuckle.

Let's get the ball rolling -

I quit my job in the helium factory, i refuse to be spoken to in that tone.
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You wouldn't see that on the radio.
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Are you a camera because every time I look at you I smile.
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i like to sprinkle rice into my belly button
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I've been criticised for being too vague by you know who...
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'Does this rag smell funny to you?'
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Got stopped by a guy asking for directions whilst I was talking on the phone. The disrespect, I told him where to go.
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My wife just found out I replaced our bed with a trampoline; she hit the roof.
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On a scale of 1 to 10, youre a 9. Im the 1 you need, If you're picking up what I'm putting down?
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opps I just fell for you
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