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First NBA 2K18 trailer looks so realistic its borderline disgusting
NBA 2K is looking better than everand yes, that includes the stretch marks and acne.

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If the one thing you thought was missing from the NBA 2K series was a photo-realistic representation of Kyrie Irvings armpit hair, then NBA 2K18 is going to be your jam.

The first trailer for NBA 2K18 shows off the games redesigned player models and body system, creating incredibly close digital counterparts to their real-life players. Not only have the player models been revamped, but the NBA 2K team even visited to NBAs New York offices to laser scan each teams uniform and over 200 shoes in which theyre taking more step towards the uncanny valley.

The visual fidelity is kind of insane. Not only are the player models better than ever, but small details really shine here and help each player stand out. Individual strands can be seen in facial hair, and blemishes like stretch marks and acne make the players seem more like their real-life counterparts than ever.

MyPlayer creations benefit from the new body system as well, which is focused on representing the diversity of body types in the NBA. That means that your MyPlayers body wont necessarily look like everyone elses MyPlayers body. Hopefully, the same amount of care is being taken with the face scan because, well look at it:

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In addition to the new trailer, NBA 2K18 also announced some dates to mark down on your calendar. Starting September 8th, fans can play a free downloadable experience called The Prelude, which is a prologue to MyCareer mode. On top of that, even though the game is launching on September 19th for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch, players who pre-order can start playing the game on September 15th.

You can check out the trailer below to get a good, hard look at LeBron James photo-realistic sweat-soaked forehead, or if you simply want to spend the afternoon counting the individual hairs in Steph Currys nasty excuse for a beard. [Editors note: Mike is a Cavs fan and a sore loser.]

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The graphics look intense but I've never managed to own one of these 2K games for more than two weeks due to how incredibly boring they get and I'm a huge NBA fan, I just can't get my head into playing that constantly.

They've definitely improved A LOT from 2005.
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Never been a massive fan of the NBA games, but this one does look pretty decent. Doubt ill pick this up though but wouldn't mind trying it out sometime.
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