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Paris thinking about introducing esports to the 2024 Olympics
The Olympics is looking for ways to court the youth, and they may have found their key in League of Legends.

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Paris is pretty much a lock to host the 2024 Summer Olympics, ever since Los Angeles ceded to taking the 2028 games. And the organizers are already considering one way to boost the games ratings and attendance: esports.

In a recent interview, Paris Olympic bid committee co-president Tony Estanguet confirmed that he plans to discuss introducing esports with representatives from both the esports industry and the International Olympic Committee.

We have to look at it because we cant say, Its not us. Its not about Olympics,' Estanguet said. The youth, yes they are interested in esport and this kind of thing. Lets look at it. Lets meet them. Lets try if we can find some bridges.

The IOC will begin looking at proposals to add events to the 2024 Olympics in 2019. The final decision on whether or not esports will be added to the games will happen after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, if the process even makes it that far.

Considering the ever-evolving nature of the esports industry, its hard to say which specific games would be added to the Olympic schedule. The most popular esports right nowLeague of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Rocket League, to name a fewmight not be around in another seven years. Even the four years between the decision to include esports and the Olympics themselves might mean a lack of relevancy for games that would be included.

Its also too early to know what Estanguet means by bringing esports to the Olympics. Clearly, the teams will have to be international, but will they include players and teams across multiple games all competing for the same medals? Or will Dota 2 and Rocket League be considered two different Olympics events? And if League of Legends is selected as an Olympic event, are they just going to preemptively give Korea the gold medal, or will they keep up the facade and let everyone else compete?

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I can already imagine the shitty posts by people on Facebook or Twitter about how "sitting on your mom's couch and only moving your fingers isn't a sport, sport requires physical action".

It doesn't matter to me and it shouldn't matter to anyone else; this is how they make their money. I'm glad eSports is being recognized globally, no matter how much shit people talk.
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