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Need help with Front panel connection on the H110M-A M2 motherboard. I heard if you do it incorrectly you can fry the motherboard. The link is an image of how I think they should be plugged in.

1) Does this look correct?
2) Do the letters (on the plugs) face the processor or away from the processor? I assume away because the positive pin looks to be the one on the far left.
3) Do I skip a pin between the HDD and Reset? Because there are only four slots/female inputs total on the two plugs. So a pin has to be skipped some place.

Thanks a million for any help
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Hard to say, those little guides are shit. Best way i find the right ones is through trying it. If it doesn't work you know to try summin different.

Maybe the manual will have a cleaer guide?
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As you can see from my beautiful diagram, I am a very skilled artist.

This is how your connectors should look. The bottom right pin (that is white in the image above) should be the only pin that is unplugged.

Hope this helps.
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