Forum Gamesguess the next users most used console.Posted:

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mines xbox so we will start from the first comment. 1st comment just guess a console and the next comment reply right or wrong with a guess for the next users console. Lets Start!
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I use Xbox. So Imma guess Xbox.
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JPB wroteI use Xbox. So Imma guess Xbox.

Wrong. I have a PS4.

I'm guessing a PS3?
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Bants wrotexbox
Which one doe ;) Mine is Xbox one

I'm guessing, Xbox 360?
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Wrong, i'm XB1.

I will guess XB1
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I'm xbox 1 and I will guess PS4
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I'm Xbox one guessing pc
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Spartan wroteI'm Xbox one guessing pc

PC is not a console. I'm guessing Xbox one?
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