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A couple of glitches may have cheated Pokemon Go players out of their legendary Pokemon.

Niantic introduced Raid Battles, especially strong Pokemon that appear at Gyms and require a team of coordinated players to take down, to the game a little over a month ago. Once a Raid Battle Pokmon is defeated, each participating player gets a certain number of Premier Balls to try and catch it, with the number of Premier Balls varying based on which team holds the Gym, how much each team as a whole contributed, and how much the individual player contributed.

However, as fans had suspected and Niantic has now confirmed, players have been cheated out of receiving the proper number of Premier Balls.

There are two separate glitches at play. First of all, players who have assigned Pokmon to the Gym where the battle took place should have been receiving two additional Premiere Balls per fight, and these were entirely absent.

The second glitch affects every single player and every single Raid Battle. As fans over on the Reddit community TheSilphRoad suspected and Niantic finally confirmed, it turns out thatbarring a critical captureits actually impossible to catch a Raid Pokmon with your last remaining Premier Ball. Unless the tiny chance of a critical capture kicks in, the Pokmon will always break out and flee, meaning that players essentially have one less Premiere Ball than the screen shows.

To make up for this latter glitch, Niantic has set Pokmon Go to temporarily grant each player an extra Premier Ball. To be clear, the glitch isnt fixedthis isnt a reward to make up for it, but just a temporary workaround so that players receive the correct number of Premier Balls. The last throw will still always fail.

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As Niantic has shown, these glitches arent the only ones currently plaguing Pokmon Go. A recently published list shows that Niantic is aware that everything from players using Potions to dodging in a Gym battle can crash the game, and that Error banners and players being stuck on the loading screen are far too common.

At the moment, players can console themselves with the knowledge that Niantic has at least acknowledged the issue. Hopefully, a fix is on the way.

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Cant even believe this game is worth cheating over lol, I mean whats the point, is there even a overall leader board for this game?
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Mikey wroteCant even believe this game is worth cheating over lol, I mean whats the point, is there even a overall leader board for this game?

did you even read the thread lmao.
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