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Trying to explore a more variety of music, so therefore post some of your favorite songs so I can listen to them.
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These are just some of my favorite songs.
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Currently I am really feeling this:

Really hard hitting lyrics and it's nice to see him making a comeback.

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Drake - Sign's is a favorite atm.
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Joyner Lucas: Im sorry

Lil xan:Betrayed

guardin: demons in my orbit
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Danjer wroteCurrently I am really feeling this:

Really hard hitting lyrics and it's nice to see him making a comeback.

I've started to listen to this quite a lot tbh, he came back hard. Worth the listen.
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old ik but dont really have a favourite. more just songs i like
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I mostly listen to older songs. There's not many new ones that I like

What genres do you like?
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ok you did say you were gonna give them a try please pm me what you think
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