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The Rocket League community is always finding new ways to explore and share their creativity. Whether its via YouTube, Steam Workshop, or Reddit, there's always a constant stream of content to watch, enjoy, and learn from. In fact, one of the early and most popular content creators, JHZER, broke through on YouTube after his freestyling montages took the community by storm. Freestyling hones in on a players ability to redirect aerial passes into impressive goals, which is crucial in the highest skill tiers.

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Custom Training

Live matches will always test your skill, but player-made Custom Training packs offer an efficient means of practice. This month's Custom Training list will focus on a new practice regimen that improves air and ball control through various acrobatic scenarios. Given enough time, these newly-selected packs could help you discover untapped avenues of Rocket League like flip resets, ceiling shots, air dribbles, and more are yours to discover.

Though the refreshed Featured Training Browser does lean towards more advanced players, don't forget that the in-game 'Aerial Training' mode is still an excellent resource for players of all skill levels.

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Community Creativity

Moving on to our Steam Workshop pick, Dreale's Parkour-Map #1 is one of the more unique obstacle courses out there. It forces players to think about their moves in unusual ways, especially since a portion of the course takes place in reverse gravity. We highly recommend checking out [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] "Elite Car Control Tutorial" video that expertly explains how to strategically practice flying through obstacles.

The second showcase is a community-invented mini-game, known as Aerial Freeze Tag. It encourages friends to get together for a (Private) 'Mutators' match where you'll need to knock opponents out of the air while maintaining an uninterrupted flight. The last person flying wins, and as [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] shows in his video, it's an amazing opportunity to practice your air control.

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Always looking for ways to up my game so I'll check these out - will make a change from 'Cherry Picker' lol.
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This is gonna help me out loads I know that much

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