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ive been trying to find a spoofing tool so I can do recoveries and I have found one and it tells me that I need to add the plugin to my plugins called "bo2spoofer.xex "which I do but when I try to spoof a account it comes with an error starting with "unexcepted handing" and I don't know how to fix this problem can someone please help?thanks
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What are your plugins? Specifically Plugin 3.
I always run plugin 3 as my modding plugin. What I mean by this, is that on plugin 1 i run XBDM, on plugin 2, i put my stealth, plugin 3 i put my mods (BO2Spoofer, GTA V Mod Menu, offhose aimbot, etc) then plugins 4 and 5 are jrpc and xrpc, something like that. Make sure to go over your plugins, as this is 99% the cause of the issue
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What tool are you using to do the spoofing?
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