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The best new Xbox One backward compatibility game comes with a catch
Fans of fighting games and superheroes will love the new entries to the backward compatibility program.

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The new games joining Xbox Ones backward compatibility catalogue add a focus on fighters and franchise tie-ins.

Microsofts Major Nelson announced Deadliest Warrior, Disneys Bolt, SEGAs Fighting Vipers, and Batman: Arkham Origins are now available for Xbox One players. The last game on that list is obviously the highest profile, but it comes with a bit of a caveat. For the time being, only the disc-based version of the game is supported, meaning if you own a digital copy of Arkham Origins youre out of luck.

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For fans of the Spike documentary TV series that inspired the game, 2010s Deadliest Warrior will let them live out a fighting fantasy from across the ages. Players can enter into one-on-one 2D fights and play as one of eight warriors, including a Medieval European Knight, a Ninja, and a late first millennium Viking. In the same vein, initially found in the Arcade, Fighting Vipers launched for Sega Saturn in 1996, with digital versions arriving on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2012. The 3D fighter relies on the simple guard, punch, and kick attack buttons, making the focus on combo strings, much like Sega AM2s Virtua Fighters series. Players can choose from nine different characters, all with breakable armor to make the battles that much more epic.

In true Disney fashion, imagination is the focus in Disneys Bolt, as players take control of the superdog Bolt and his loving owner Penny. After Pennys father is kidnapped by the evil Dr. Calicodont miss that cat referenceits up to Bolts Laser Eyes and Superbark to travel across five countries to rescue him.

Still in the superhero world but with an entirely different tone, the biggest addition to the backward compatibility list is Batman: Arkham Origins, but, as noted above, only players with the physical disc can enjoy it on Xbox One. Despite switching developers from Rocksteady Studios to WB Games Montral, the 2013 prequel to the Batman: Arkham series followed the same focus on stealth combat and detective skills. While it received mediocre reviews, including our own less-than-stellar feelings, an additional story was created for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita in 2013, so players who enjoy the return on Xbox One have a chance to continue the journey.

For a full list of the current Xbox One backward compatible titles, check out the official blog for Major Nelson.

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