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It's Been A while since i have logged into here!

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Welcome back - so close to 1k posts too.
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Welcome back to TTG. You're soooo close to the 1K Rainmaker (1,000 posts) badge. I hope to see you around the Forums, being active again since I see you were already kind of active.
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Boi you gotta keep logged in now :j
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Welcome back brother, since im newish! Its the beginning! You're so close to hitting 1k posts, im sure you can make it before you go again, if you go again that is!
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Welcome back man
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Welcome back old timer.

So close to that 1000 posts aka TTG Senior.

Hopefully you stick around.

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Welcome back dude, see you around the forums.
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Welcome back mate, 2 more post's and you're at 1k.
Hopefully we see you around?
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Come back dude and smash them two posts in!
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