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hey to it all here
ps4 gamer

into any cod of battlefield games

just looking to what services are offered here for bo3?

interested in some good stuff
anyone have some good links i can look at?

seen a few but nothing thay stats b03


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Welcome to ttg check out the Shoutbox

Make sure you read the rules

If you need anything pm me
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Welcome to TTG, I hope to see you around the site and being active.
That's the only service I've seen available for Black Ops 3 on PS4, he's a trusted seller and has quite a few vouches, give him a try.
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thanks !! good to be here
going to check out that link..thank you
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Welcome buddy! I'm semi new too, it's great here! You should be able to fit just nicely into the community, it's not too shabby!

Hope too see you around!
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Welcome to the site rimito! Make sure to give the rules a look so you don't get into any trouble on the site! Also, if you're ever looking for someone to play with, send me a PM and if i'm free, i'll be up to play for a bit!
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WElcome, I hope to see you stick around also look around the nodding section.
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Welcome to the site man, more than happy to play some cod with you anytime.
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Welcome to TTG Hope to see you around and in the shoutbox!
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Welcome to the site mate, alot of services are offered on all of the cod's here
Like this user for example Crippy's Shop
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