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So I've tried updating the latest dash, I followed every step of countless tutorials and my rgh is a corona, I keep getting an error message when generating image:

***** ERROR: BL crc check failed! calculated: 6f3f9c18 expected: d240157f

**** could not read cbb_13121.bin (-2) ****

******* ERROR: critical bootloader files are missing, cannot proceed!

***** FATAL BUILD ERROR: -1 unable to complete NAND image

Also I have been passed this stage miraculously and when I try flash my device it tells me that a file isnt the correct size and nothing happens. I've tried replicating all of my steps to get back to that point but I still get error messages, any help would be appreciated
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I dont know much about Corona's, so id suggest just pm'ing one of the stickied sellers, they know a lot about RGH's and can probably help.
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